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What to Do About Mold

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Before you put your home on the market, there are many steps that need to be taken in order to prepare it for potential buyers to view. In addition to making basic repairs and upgrades, it is also important to remove any mold that may have formed inside the house. While mold is a natural part of the environment, indoor mold can be problematic and quite difficult to get rid of. Not only can it cause health concerns for those who live in the home, but signs of mold will also make it nearly impossible for you to get your home sold. Whether selling Colorado condominiums or a home in Austin, it is essential to take the proper steps to get it removed.

Understanding Mold

Before you can start working toward removing mold, you first need to gain a greater understanding of how mold forms and grows. In short, mold reproduces through tiny spores. These spores, which are naked to the invisible eye, float through the air and begin to grow after landing on a moist surface. While there are many different types of molds, all of them need water or moisture in order to grow. Most also thrive on unmoving air and warmth. For people who suffer from allergies or asthma, the spores can be quite problematic. Those who do not suffer from allergies can also be affected, however, as some molds contain potentially toxic substances.

Getting Rid of Mold

While certain types of molds can be almost impossible to remove, other molds are more easily removed. It should be noted, however, that once mold has started to form in a home, you will experience recurring problems with it. This is because there is no way to completely remove all of the spores that may be in the air. Still, you can help keep mold in check and you can slow down growth by taking a few simple steps. These include:

  • Find and remove moisture leaks throughout the home

  • Use a dehumidifier in your bathroom as well as other parts of your home if live in an area where humidity levels reach 70% or more.

  • Allow fresh air and bright sunlight into your home whenever possible

  • Open a window when taking a shower whenever possible

  • Change the air filters in your heating and air conditioning vents on a regular basis

  • Maintain a household temperature of 69 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit while keeping humidity levels at 54% or less

  • Scrub infested surfaces with a non-ammonia soap or cleaner designed specifically for mold removal

When removing mold, make sure to wear a mask, gloves and eye protection in order to keep yourself protected from the mold spores that will inevitably be floating around in the air.

About The Author – Brian Kinkade helps buyers and sellers with Denver condominiums as a Realtor with The Home Cart in Denver, CO.

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