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Oklahoma Mortgage Rates

Oklahoma Mortgage Rates - Mortgage Rates Oklahoma – Great Rates & Low Fees


New American Funding offers excellent Oklahoma mortgage rates with low fees for your Oklahoma mortgage loan. To contact our mortgage team, please use the contact form to the left to get today’s Oklahoma mortgage rates and speak with an expert Oklahoma mortgage lender.


What is the meaning of “lock my interest rate”?

A borrower and lender agree to a particular interest rate, guaranteed over a set amount of time (known as the “rate lock period”). The rate and term agreement is referred to as a “rate lock.”


At what time is my rate locked?

When you submit your signed rate lock authorization, your mortgage lender immediately submits the form to New American Funding’s investors. Your lender notifies you once they confirm the rate lock.


What can I do if rates increase before I close my loan?

As soon as your lender receives your rate lock authorization, New American Funding purchases the money from investors at the interest rate and terms guaranteed by the rate lock. Whether or not rates go up after you’ve locked your interest rate, the money for your mortgage will be ready for you at your closing at the rates and terms guaranteed by the rate lock (assuming you have an approved loan application and all terms, conditions and approval requirements are satisfied).


What can I do if rates go DOWN after I have already locked my interest rate?

New American Funding offers an exclusive Float Down Option to lower your interest rate once time before closing if rates go down after you lock your interest rate. The Float Down Option is available for most Conventional and Government loan programs.


How does the Float Down Option work?

Within 4 to 20 days prior to closing, you can lock in at a better Oklahoma mortgage rate if one becomes available. The maximum Float Down is .375% less than the locked-in rate. This float down applies to the interest rate only and is based on initial lock period; fee reduction is not permitted.


Lock Period 90 Days 120 Days 150 Days 180 Days
Upfront Fees* 0.5% 1.0% 1.0% 1.0%
*This fee is REFUNDED IN FULL when your loan closes with New American Funding.


Should I wait to lock my rate if I think rates will go down further?

Predicting the exact moment to lock in your Oklahoma mortgage rate can be difficult, if not impossible. Our expert mortgage team watches marketing conditions at all times, and with knowledge of your financial goals, we can help you decide the best window of time to lock your interest rate.


If you have questions or would like to find out today’s Oklahoma mortgage rates, please contact our mortgage team today! Use the contact form on this page to contact out mortgage team.