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Mortgage Rate Float Down Option

Option to Float Down Your Oklahoma Mortgage Rate One Time Before Closing


Interest Rate Oklahoma MortgageFloat Down Option – Program Details


• New American Funding Offers Our Exclusive Float Down Option on Most Conventional and Government Loan Programs.


• Float Down Available 4 to 20 Days Prior to Closing.


• Float Down Rate Improvement is Applied to the Interest Rate Only


• Float Down is Based on Initial Lock Period.


• Fee Reduction is not permitted.


• Maximum Float Down is .375% Less Than Your Locked in Interest Rate.



Lock Period 90 Days 120 Days 150 Days 180 Days
Upfront Fees* 0.5% 1.0% 1.0% 1.0%
*This fee is REFUNDED IN FULL when your loan closes with New American Funding.


Extended Rate Lock with New American Funding


Benefits of the Extended Rate Lock with Float Down Option

You can lock your Oklahoma mortgage rate up to 180 days with the long term rate lock option. This option gives you the ability to take advantage of current, record-setting low rates and save on your mortgage every month for the life of the loan. The extended rate lock can be particularly beneficial to borrowers whose home is still being built. If you don’t want to miss out on today’s low rates, lock your Oklahoma mortgage rate NOW down with this program.


Adding the Float Down Option to Your Extended Rate Lock

By adding the float down option to your extended rate lock, you have the option to lower your rate one time before closing if Oklahoma mortgage rates decline even further. The float down option ensures you get an incredibly low rate on your mortgage.