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New American Funding offers conventional loans in Oklahoma for purchases or refinancing.

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Speedy Approvals – We get you started on your house
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Own Underwriting & Funding Team – Our in-house teams bring
you customized service and prevent 3rd party issues.
Float Down Policy – This allows you to receive a lower rate –
even after locking. Ask how!
Experienced Team – The team, is composed of seasoned professionals who will make
the purchase of your home a smooth and easy process.
You need a mortgage professional you can trust. You need a
company that values honesty and integrity throughout the
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New American Funding !
When dealing with your home financing, we are not only
working with one of your largest personal financial
investments; we also are handling one of your biggest
dreams. Since we work with matters so close to the heart, we
serve you from ours.
Whether you are purchasing your first home or you’ve
purchased several through the years, it’s helpful to stay
current on the latest and most recent updates to the home
buying process.
Throughout homeownership, it is always valuable to keep an
eye on your options. Refinancing your current mortgage
can provide outstanding and long-term benefits as well as
help you with your changing financial needs.
Contact New American Funding for vital information you need to
know for one of the largest financial investments you can