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How to Save Money on your Electric Bill this Summer

oklahoma-energy-conservationThis guest post was provided by the Ames Apartments experts at Jensen Group.

When you own a home, your electricity cost can at times be one of your highest bills. As temperatures and electricity continue to rise together, energy bills become increasingly less affordable. However, there are a wide variety of practices that you can help you save money on your electric bill. Here are
our top tips for keeping those electricity bills manageable:

1. First, check the lighting in your home.

You may be using bulbs that use excess wattage and just aren’t practical to use in your bedroom or kitchen but can be replaced with more efficient bulbs. Do some research online and find out which types of bulbs are most efficient for different types of rooms and lighting. Also, get into the habit of turning lights off so they don’t use energy when it’s not needed.

2. Keep your fridge in check!

Staying on top of your refrigerator maintenance is key. This includes making sure the cooling coils in both the refrigerator and the freezer are clear. Another tip to help your fridge run better is to go to the bottom and back of the unit and clean out the vent. Finally, do a regular defrosting to get rid of any thick ice surrounding the freezer container.

3. For the other appliances, simply turn them off when not in use.

When you leave your house be sure all appliances are turned off and unplugged, as most electronics use electricity even when turned off.

4. Procure a wattage meter that can measure how much electricity the devices around your home are using.

They normally are pretty inexpensive, usually less than $20, and provide a quick do-it yourself method for effectively monitoring your energy consumption.

5. Try doing everyday tasks with minimal electricity.

Examples include drying your clothes outside, taking indoor tasks outdoors, and using cold water whenever possible.

6. Finally, contact your electric company representative.

A growing number of electric companies now offering “time-of-use plans” which offer lower rates for energy consumption during off-peak hours. The catch is that users often pay more for peak-hours use, so consider the daily schedule before signing up. All you have to do is ask!

While some of these points may be harder to accomplish than others, be sure to keep the long-term benefits and savings in mind. The savings can truly pile up if you can start thinking green!

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